Monday, April 6, 2009

Hidden Tunes

So, I came across this nifty program a while back.


You can hide (and extract hidden) files in mp3s, tucked away between frames.
Put images, pdfs, whatever... Though, they should be small so as to not arouse suspicion (such as a 4 min 128k mp3 that is 30MB, ha). There are a few ways to digitally watermark files but this seemed a cool, unique (and personal) route.

My original idea stems from giving mp3s to people and finding out they've given the files to others when I've specified I don't want them to be out. I've even given a song to only one person, later found it on the net, and had them adamantly deny any involvement!
So I was thinking to make a text file with the persons name, and hide it in the frames - like personalizing it for them. If they mess with the mp3 tagging the file will still stay there unless they totally re-encode it (unlikely... unless this gets popular, haha). If I see the track floating around online or someone tells me they have it I can just extract the txt file and see who it originated from.

You could also do this in a non-paranoid way and just trace the path of your files.
For instance: say I post an mp3 on a few message boards (with a file hidden with the name of the board). A few months later I can go on Soulseek or wherever, download my track from a few different people, open the data, and gather the stats.
This info would be very handy for future promotions and/or deciding where it is worth while to post.

Another idea I had was to hide an mp3 within an mp3. If the track only originated from you (not released) with the hidden file then you could distribute this, wait quite a long time, and then announce that there is a whole other tune that can be extracted. Kind of like a modern version of the hidden track on a CD, ha.

Even this is an extended version of another project I had years ago. I was making/molding records out of high performance resins. I don't want to get into a lengthy explanation on that but suffice it to say I had the process down perfectly. I then had Ron Murphy at NSC cut me an acetate of a track within 2 1/2 inches of the spindle, pretty much where the label is on a record, and built a mold around that. With the absolute thinnest layer of resin on the acetate I would set an audio CD label side down (into the mold) to cure. After many trails I finally perfected it - a CD that plays (still thin enough for even my front-loading car stereo_ yet has one analog recording molded into the face that can be played on a turntable.

In the pic below you should be able to the the grooves in the light reflection.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oooooo...those glasses

So this fine piece of ass, K. atou, hails to us from Athens, Greece. Currently held up hostage in a small cage deep the bowels of Berlin, her slave masters over at the Eardear booking agency let her out on occasion to play parties everywhere from Colombia to Russia, and just about every place in between. Its not just her stunning looks, she fucking bangs the shit proper. And let me tell you, this is one wild bitch. She can probably out drink your dad in whiskey alone, and can stay up longer then meth head that just won the lottory. Shes put out some records under Lick My Deck, Einmaleins Musik, and more. She has worked with Mikael Stavostrand, Bruno Pronsato, Italoboyz, and Apendics Shuffle to name a few.
She's on some really good weird house shit, and has a voice that would give even the oldest man a boner. Look out for her, im sure she will be playing near you in the next year. Shit, she played fucking Nebraska last week for christ's sake.

K. atou-Move Me Mixtape


Sadly, one of our publishers from this very blog, Barbara Frey, was found dead last week in San Francisco. She was one of the most creative individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Im going to do my best to keep this shit going in her honor. You will be missed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


What can I say other then this has given me hope for the future of house music. This is my favorite shit in the world right now. Every single track is pure heat. "Necessary one for me" is one of the best house tracks i've ever heard, period. You would swear that this guy is from Detroit.
He's from Tokyo. And his tracks are so deep that I almost shit my pants.
I know he some some stuff out on Still Music, and I could give you a bio on him but I really don't give a shit, the music speaks for itself.
I tried to go though some emails with him back and forth, but he doesnt speak such good english, so whatever.

His tracks:

Some mixes:

Rondenion - Tokyo Deep!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

inside vacuum's nose

so here are a few disco edit sets i've done for your enjoyment. play them for your mom, then give her my phone number.


and if your mom is dead, and you have a decent looking stepmom, play her this edit I did, then give her my email adress.

Mouzon's Electric Band- Everybody Get Down (vacuum's sleaze edit)

fuck music

all these videos of horses reminded me of this track.

wait, what?

lowrell-mellow mellow (1979)


The Best of Both Worlds

A Rocky Mountain horse named Disco Inferno.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Patti Smith-Horses

Germans love to watch


i came across this gem after trying to find what my wedding song will be. enjoy.

rick and ernest borgnine

Rick was a bad motherfucker, second only to that cheap ass TC. And maybe Higgins. Higgins was kind of cool.

the proper original

This one's for Barbara, where ever she may be.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lee Curtiss is really good at making super creepy rape house. Most of it sounds like someone sneaking up behind you in some dark basement when your in a k hole, putting a knife to your throat, and shoving your bent over body inside a speaker and playing house music so fucking loud that you cry blood. I've personally witnessed someone eat their face off while he was playing once. He's a real man's man, and although he grew up in some fucked up backwoods shitbox town in western Michigan (big surprise there), He's been pumping out all his weird shit from the sunny, super happy & clean city of Detroit. He's a real piece of work, this guy. He tours all over the world, has probably finger fucked your girlfriend, and has a knack for good clean cowboy boots.
He's dropped heat on Ghostly, Rhumba Muzik, Wolf + Lamb, Dumb-Unit, Kalimari, and has a forthcoming release on Spectral Sound. While all the other idiots are claiming to be into it "for the music, man", Lee just wants the pussy.

oh, and welcome to The Magnum Legacy.

Lee Curtiss live session MP3

Lee's myspace

Tuesday, March 10, 2009